Every group of people has a culture, which is made up of various aspects such as values, norms, beliefs, and language. In our Crosspointe Culture Series, we strive to equip all of our members with essential truths from God’s Word related to biblical values, discipleship, sound doctrine, and soul care.

Our goal is that everyone who calls Crosspointe Community Church home will progress through these courses, growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and building one another up in love.

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Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, Redemptive Community, Extravagant Grace, Biblical Unity, The Great Commission and Meaningful Membership. Learn about our Core Values at Crosspointe.


What does living life as a Christ-follower look like? In this 7-session study we will see what is normative for the Christian.

Why Study The Bible? – Notes
Prayer – Notes
Sharing Your Faith – Notes
Finantial Stewardship – Notes
Suffering – Notes
Serving – Notes
Community – Notes


This 9-week course walks through the doctrinal foundations of the Christian faith.

Doctrine of the bible – notes
Doctrine of God – Notes
Doctrine of Christ – Notes
Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Notes
Doctrine of Humanity – Notes
Doctrine of Salvation – Notes
Doctrine of Atonement & Resurrection – Notes
Doctrine of the church – notes
Doctrine of Last Things – Notes


Knowing how to bring the Scriptures to bear on the various matters of life is invaluable to the Christian—both for ourselves and for those around us. This series will equip us to do just that.

Soul Care Overview – Notes
The Centrality of the Gospel – Notes
Practical Guidance for Soul Care – Notes
Sufferer, Sinner, Saint – Notes
The Heart is the target – Notes
Growing in Christ-like Character – Notes
The Counselor – Notes